BLOG: Tennessee Ranks Second in Black Friday Fight Probability


NASHVILLE, Tenn.-- Real Estate blog put together their list of states where you are "most likely to encounter fist fights at Black Friday sales."

The non-scientific report used two indicators to come up with their results. First, they searched Facebook user data for users who expressed interest in Black Friday sales.

Secondly, they used FBI Uniform Crime Report data from 2014 to rank the frequency of aggravated assaults in each state. The site combined the two and put together their rankings. Tennessee, is ranked second on the list with a ranking of 11th when it comes to enthusiasm for Black Friday sales and 8th in the frequency of aggravated assaults.

1. Arkansas

2. Tennessee

3. Alabama

4. Louisiana

5. Missouri

6. West Virginia

7. Oklahoma

8. Indiana

9. Kansas

10. South Carolina

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