Autopsy report: Nashville Mayor's son died from combination of drugs

Bruce, Max, and Megan Barry at the graduation of Max Barry.jpg

A Colorado coroner said Wednesday that a combination of drugs killed Nashville Mayor Megan Barry's son in late July.

According to the autopsy report from the Jefferson County Coroner's Office, Max Barry had Xanax, methodone, hydromorphone, THC and evidence of recent cocaine use in his system when he died.

Hydromorphone carries a risk for dependency and is known to cause death or respiratory distress in high doses.

The coroner listed the combination of drugs as Max Barry's cause of death, combined with high blood pressure, obesity and fatty liver disease. At his time of death, Max Barry stood 6'2", weighed 324 lbs, and the examiner noted that he looked much older than 22.

The report said the Nashville Mayor's son had a history of prescription drug abuse with withdrawal symptoms prior to entering rehab in 2016. Mayor Barry said her son spent a month in rehab before heading back to school and graduating.

In an interview with CNN on Tuesday, Barry said her son's drug addiction began with a prescription for Xanax. (Interview begins at :40)

Barry said her family made a decision right away to be very transparent about how her son Max died.

"He made a really stupid choice two Saturdays ago, and it's one he can't ever undo," Barry said.

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