Attorneys in Timothy Batts case return to court to discuss reckless homicide charge

Home surveillance video capturing the moments just after Batts fired a shot that struck his daughter. PHOTO: WZTV FOX 17 Nashville. 

GALLATIN, Tennessee--Attorneys in the Timothy Batts case will return to court today for a review of his reckless homicide charge.

Batts was charged with reckless homicide after shooting his 11-year-old daughter Timea when she returned from the first day of school in 2016. He had always maintained he believed his daughter was an intruder when he fired the weapon and struck his daughter in the upper abdomen.

Following a three-day trial in July, the jury found Batts guilty of unlawful possession of a firearm by a convicted felon but was hung on the reckless homicide charge.

The outcome put the ball back in District Attorney Ray Whitley's court, leaving him to decide if he would seek another trial or work with defense attorneys in coming to a plea deal on the charge or a lesser charge.

Attorneys for Batts called the hung jury a "victory" for Batts and stated they planned to work with Whitley. On the day of the verdict, defense attorney Joy Kimbrough stated "I really want to talk to prosecutors, I'd really like to get this case resolved."

Both sides will return to the Gallatin courtroom on Friday to discuss what comes next. A full sentence hearing for Batts is currently scheduled for September 1st.

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