Former Antioch High School teacher accused of inappropriately touching teen student

An Antioch High School wrestling coach and science teacher has been arrested following allegations of sexual assault. PHOTO: Jerome Dooley--Metro Nashville Police

A Grand Jury indicted an Antioch High School wrestling coach and science teacher after a 17-year-old student said he inappropriately touched her in his classroom.

According to Metro Nashville Police, a 17-year-old female student told an assistant principal that Dooley inappropriately touched her in his classroom last September.

The U.S. Marshals' Fugitive Task Force arrested 41-year-old Jerome Dooley at his home in LaVergne home. He was booked into the Davidson County Jail on Wednesday on one charge of sexual battery by an authority figure.

Per Metro Nashville Public Schools, Dooley was suspended with pay in September of 2016 for two separate allegations.

The first allegation claims Dooley touched a student's buttocks. The second allegation claims Dooley grabbed his own crotch in front of the same student.

According to Dooley's personnel file, MNPS Director of Schools Dr. Shawn Joseph placed him on administrative leave without pay in November 2016 while Dooley was under investigation for an inappropriate relationship with a minor. MNPS says that continues to be Dooley's current status pending the investigation's outcome.

He has not been allowed on school grounds since he was placed on administrative leave, Metro Schools said.

Dooley's personnel file also details another incident with a student resulting in a two-day suspension without pay in May 2009. According to the letter from MNPS, Dooley accidentally stepped on a student's foot. Once the student complained, Dooley then stepped on the student's foot again causing the student to retaliate by rubbing his foot on Dooley's pant leg.

Dooley responded by taking the student's shoe off, throwing it in a trash can and placing the shoes outside the lockers. The student became angrier and kicked items off Dooley's desk.

In a later conference with MNPS about that incident, Dooley admitted he "took it too far."

Dooley's personnel file also details what he feels are the characteristics of an effective teacher from his 2001 application for full-time employment with MNPS.

"Some important characteristics of effective teaching include teaching as well as listening to students," Dooley wrote. "Also the students should know that you are there to help them and not be their enemy."

Dooley is out on $50,000 bond. Police ask other persons who believe Dooley acted inappropriately toward them to contact the MNPD’s Sex Crimes Unit at 615-862-7540.

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