Andrew Jackson's Hermitage closed to public Wednesday for President Trump visit

(Courtesy: Andrew Jackson's Hermitage)

Andrew Jackson's Hermitage will be closed to the public on Wednesday for the president's visit.

President Donald Trump is slated to visit the home of the seventh president before holding a rally at Municipal Auditorium Wednesday evening.

He will participate in a private ceremony honoring the 250th birthday of Jackson and is planning to give brief remarks at the wreath-laying ceremony.

President Trump will be the first president since Ronald Reagan in 1982 to visit Jackson's home.

"We're looking forward to tomorrow," Howard Kittell, President and CEO of Andrew Jackson's Hermitage, said. "The preparations have been intense."

The president recently hung a portrait of Andrew Jackson in the Oval Office. Some people have compared the two presidents as controversial figures, outsiders and populists.

"There's been so many analogies and comparisons made between President Trump and President Jackson," Kittell said.

Kittrell said Trump plans to pay his respects by laying a wreath on Jackson's final resting place.

"There'll be a moment of silence out at the tomb, the Tennessee National Guard's color guard will add color and solemnity to the event, and there'll be a bugler to play taps out at the tomb," Kittrell said.

Nashville Mayor Megan Barry will also be visiting the Hermitage on Wednesday, but will not be attending President Trump's rally. The mayor's office said the Andrew Jackson Foundation invited her to attend the event Wednesday afternoon commemorating Jackson's 250th birthday.

“We’re pleased that the president has an interest in Andrew Jackson,” Kittrell said. “The Hermitage is the best place to learn Jackson’s story. We’re looking forward to showing the president and his staff around.”

The visit is not without controversy as Jackson was a slave owner. Jackson also instituted the Indian Removal Act of 1830, which pushed Native Americans West of the Mississippi.

The American Indian Coalition is planning to protest the president's visit outside the Hermitage Wednesday morning.

The Hermitage will reopen to the public Thursday. All events celebrating Jackson's birthday from March 16 to 18 will go on as planned.

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