Parking prices soar for Stanley Cup Final games in Smashville


UPDATE: (5:30)

The only thing that may harder to find right now than a Preds playoff ticket is parking downtown.

If you do find a spot, expect to pay plenty.

Everyone expects to pay to park downtown but the latest prices are sparking outrage.

Tourist, Dawn Laporte had this reaction, "I think you keep people away by doing these prices and also you probably encourage dishonesty. I don't think it's right at all."

At the corner of 7th Avenue and Demonbreun, its $30 for 2 hours, $50 for four hours and $80 to park till 3 a.m.

"Sadly you can't stop agreed. It's disappointing on every level I make no bones about it, I hope people would make a little more money but $80 is ridiculous and I can only apologize for it, like I said it's disappointing," Butch Spyridon, President and CEO of the Nashville Convention Visitors Corporation said.

In response to the criticism, Premier Parking tweeted its offer of $10 parking at several downtown lots Monday night.

The sticker shock at other lots still has customers reeling.

"Friday I paid $14 for six hours, I come in this morning to work it's $30 for two hours no way," construction worker Danny Smith said.

"Was down here the other day near Cummings Station paid $15, I didn't even realize this price gouging was going on," Shannon Edens said.

Shannon decided to park elsewhere and Danny says a $60 parking ticket is cheaper than paying $80 for the day.

"Price gouging, price gouging that's all it is," Smith said.

Fox 17 News contacted the Tennessee Department of Commerce to ask if the spike in pricing is considered price gouging as customers claim. The Department is researching the matter.


Some parking lots around Nashville will be offering $10 parking for Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Final following a weekend of skyrocketing parking prices.

Premiere Parking is offering $10 & Under parking at 14 different locations around the city:

  • MTA Garage @ 400 Charlottw Ave
  • McKendree Garage @ 140 6th Ave N
  • Public Square Garage @ 350 Deaderick
  • Gulch Crossing Garage @ 1011 Demonbreun
  • Rocketown Lot @ 601 4th Ave S
  • 714 Church St Lot
  • 917 Commerce St Lot
  • 241 11th Ave S Lot
  • 518 3rd Ave N Lot
  • 601 3rd Ave N Lot
  • 522 8th Ave S Lot
  • FBC Lots C & A
  • 704 4th Ave S Lot

This comes after prices soared to $80 for overnight parking in at least one location near Music City Center.

At that location, just two hours of parking was $30, four hours of parking was $50 and overnight prices were $80.

More than 50,000 fans attended viewing parties for Game 3 in Smashville on Saturday. And again thousands are expected for Monday night's game. Ascend Amphitheater is opening for a free viewing party at 6 p.m. and the Broadway viewing party is undergoing changes. Click here for more.

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