FERRIER FILES: Warner Park struck by lightning


It was like the top of the nature center got hit by a small bomb -- nevertheless you will love the response.

“It took us a little while to figure it out but everyone agrees we were struck by lightning,” Warner Parks Nature Center Director Vera Vollbrecht said.

“The front of the chimney exploded, and giant pieces of limestone broke through the roof creating at least a dozen holes," Vollbrecht said. "Other chunks flew out 30 or 40 yards, but everything was behind the building."

The learning center is now closed. The building has been deemed unstable and will not be re-opened until the entire chimney is dismantled and rebuilt.

“Its very disappointing, it’s very sad, it’s like second home. You take it a little personally. It is where all our visitors get a friendly hello and a map,” Vollbrecht said.

But that is where the bad news ends. Despite the lightning. The nature center has not cancelled a single program. They are still greeting people at a table outside the learning center.

The summer program will go on in its entirety despite the shocking lightning strike.

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