FERRIER FILES: Former attorney Andy Allman indicted by Sumner County Grand Jury

A Sumner County Grand Jury has indicted former attorney Andy L. Allman on 28 counts including theft and practicing without a law license. PHOTO: Sumner County Jail


Attorney Andy Allman already charged with stealing $230,000 from a teen with a catastrophic brain injury is now charged with stealing from 24 other people.

On Monday, after an 8-month TBI investigation, Allman is charged with stealing from 24 Sumner County clients.

The total sum is more than $500,000 and the the sentence more than 50 years.

“We really don't know how many people have been victimized, because not everyone has come forward, “ District Attorney General Ray Whitley said. "Some are civil, but we do have 24 criminal cases, and I can’t remember a case that had more."

One of those victims is Kevin Dycus. He says he tried to put $108,000 in a trust for his son after his wife died. Allman is accused of stealing the entire sum.

“It’s absolutely disgusting absolutely disgusting -- we made changes in my son’s college path, right now, today, he had medical bills we could have paid with that money. Meanwhile, Andy seems to be enjoying the Bluegrass Country Club as well as his boat, I don’t understand,” Dycus said.

Dycus says even if Allman returned his money, he should time in jail.

“I believe if Andy returned it all he should serve a minimum, a minimum of 8 years no less, if the money does not, .no less than the maximum sentence of 12 years. And that’s just my case. And its not just because Andy has been my friend since 7th grade...but because he was an attorney he should be held to a higher standard," Dycus said.

D.A Ray Whitley says it is too early to talk about sentences. But he promises, "there will be justice, this is a sad case.”


SUMNER COUNTY, Tenn.--A Sumner County Grand Jury has indicted former attorney Andy L. Allman on 28 counts including theft and practicing without a law license.

Allman is accused of stealing from some clients in excess of $60,000. The former Hendersonville lawyer practiced from 1996 until his law license was suspended on September 9, 2016.

At the request of Sumner County District Attorney Ray Whitley, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation launched an investigation into Allman on allegations he took legal fees from clients while performing no valid work on their behalf.

Allman is officially accused of stealing or cheating 71 clients but the Board of Professional Responsibility says that number could be up to 400 people.

In a report by FOX 17 News reporter Dennis Ferrier, the family of Baylor Bramble says Allman stole $230,000 from their family alone.

The Sumner County indictment comes as Allman awaits trial in Davidson County for alleged theft crimes. That trial was postponed until May 2018.

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