FERRIER FILES: Lawyer accused of stealing from clients may have up to 400 alleged victims

Andy Allman

A lawyer officially accused of cheating or stealing from 71 clients by the Board of Professional Responsibility may have as many as 400 alleged victims.

The latest figure comes out of bankruptcy court , where we find Sumner county lawyer Andy Allman.

Allman lost his law license last November after an avalanche of complaints and a felony theft charge. Nine months later, and Allman has yet to go to trial.

Cathy Brown is beyond frustrated.

“He's still dining in the country club, heading out on his boat as far as I know, but where is the money coming from,” Brown said.

Meanwhile, Brown looks at this sweet and sad photograph of her nephew Baylor Bramble. Bramble’s buddies are off to college while the brain-damaged teen sits at home.

Allman is charged with stealing $230,000 from the family, which eliminated any chance of him getting the best therapy. The Bramble family does what it can out of their own garage.

“His mom had to quit her job to take care of him,” Brown said. "They really could have used that money."

Allman's Davidson County trial has been postponed until May 2018 while authorities wait for possible criminal charges in Sumner County.

That's just another delay and another feeling of loss for those whom accuse him of cheating them out of money.

“It’s like you get a get out of jail card free because you have done so many bad things, so frustrating,” Brown said.

But out of this, a small victory.

Allman, who declared bankruptcy and then tried to get out of the bankruptcy, was stopped by alleged victim's attorney Steven Lefkovitz.

“My response was 'Andy, you have given me the keys to the kingdom,'" Lefkovitz said. "While he is in bankruptcy, I have access to all his financial records and have subpoena power in any matter or situation regarding his finances. Andy turned on the water and put his toe in…now it is time for him to take a bath."

Lefkovitz said there are 400 files against Allman in bankruptcy court. He believes that a forensic audit of Allman’s finances is critical.

Allman has appealed the judge’s decision to hold him in bankruptcy. He has taken the 5th in regards to explaining himself.

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