FERRIER FILES: Finding a home for the homeless in a Nashville tiny house


J.R Davis never knows what the day will bring.

The Project Nashville checks on homeless camps. Sometimes people need to go the hospital. Sometimes they just need food or water.

Mostly they just enjoy feeling cared for, which explains in many ways why there is a beautiful tiny home sitting at Brook Hollow Baptist Church parking lot for a year.

To make a long story short, there was a proposed tiny house community.

Davis raised the money, got a church youth group, and built this house.

Then the deal to buy the property for the tiny house community fell through and this became the house without a home.

"So my challenge today is two fold," Davis said. "I need this to help the homeless, and we need a house. This place has homeless DNA. I also need a mover through the a generous heart to come and move this to a final resting place."

Alot of people have stopped and made offers as high as $10,000, but they want a hunting lodge or a playhouse. Davis said no way.

“We are willing to give it away, but it has got to go to the homeless," Davis said. "Let’s move it faster than you can say bob’s your uncle."

Who knows, maybe someone from the woods could one day call this home.

“The second someone says 'I have had enough get me out of here', we get them out of here,” Davis said.

If you have a great home for the tiny house, contact Davis at The Project Nashville.

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