FERRIER FILES: Perceived love triangle leads to middle Tennessee murder

(Fox 17 News)

When you say the name Brian Deavers in Hohenwald, you are going to get a reaction.

“There is not one soul, not one, that has ever had an unkind word about Brian, not one." Deavers pastor Billy Meek Jr. said. "He loved horror movies and comic books and don’t you just love him for it? I did."

Pastor Meek knew Deavers for ten years and he saw how much people loved him.

Deavers was a wrestling fanatic as well and owned his own car detail business

“Brian would come up here pick up my truck detail, bring it back and charge me like $20 bucks, I mean that was really something,” Meek said.

There are stories like that all over town -- none of them match up with what happened on July 25 at Deavers' home.

The TBI says this Dennis Steele came into this house and shot Deavers many times -- but killing him wasn't enough enough, he slashed his tires as well.

A very personal crime by a man who by all accounts so far -- never met Brian Deavers.

Burt Staggs is news director at WOPC FM radio...and investigates all local crime thoroughly.

“It appears Mr. Seale drove 10 hours to kill this man in a jealous rage,“ Staggs said.

He has spoken with several families members from both sides. He says this all began when Brian Deavers met a woman named Melissa Seale at Brian's mom's wedding. The two hit it off, they are shown in the photo above eating at a restaurant.

“This was a perceived love trial to the best of my knowledge the pair had only met one time at his mother's wedding -- and not seen each other again,” Staggs said.

Family and friends say the two had never gotten together again. Nevertheless -- Dennis Seale allegedly saw it as a perceived love triangle and drove 10 hours from Virginia to come to Hohenwald and murder Brian Deavers.

“It was a hate crime, it wasn't just a random murder, if you kill a man are you also going to do damage to his truck, that’s vicious and in the end it wasn’t worth it,” Meek said.

Dennis Seale is still in Virginia awaiting extradition to Lewis County.

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