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Waste Watch: Drug Task Force Units Audited -- Eric Alvarez

Updated: Tuesday, June 17 2014, 11:00 PM CDT
NASHVILLE, Tenn. – The state called out five drug task forces for reports of missing cash, missing evidence and a laundry list of bad record-keeping last year, in a report released Tuesday.

The biggest problems came out of northeast Tennessee.  Seized drug evidence from 223 cases went missing in District 3.  Close to $1,500 were unaccounted for in District 1, and $11,420 were found in District 2 without any documentation.

Middle Tennessee, also saw its share of problems.

In the 23rd District which oversees Cheatham and Dickson counties, payments made to confidential informants weren't properly documented.

“In this circumstance there was no finding of any misconduct on anybody’s part or any missing funds or drugs or anything like that,” said Dan Alsobrooks, district attorney.  “This is a paperwork issue.”

Alsobrooks said his office has taken steps to prevent the problem in the future.

"The task force board of directors adopted policies and had the officers read those policies and sign those and we're now very confident that that will never occur again,” Alsobrooks said.

The 172-page report shows  the task force covering Trousdale and Wilson counties failed to pay credit cards on time, and ended up with close to $700 dollars of credit card purchases without proper documentation.

The assistant district attorney said did not affect the overall operations of the drug task force and the board has also taken measures to correct the problem.

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