Severe Storm Watch Update at 9pm

Severe Storm Watch Update at 9pm

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Widow Gets Sweet Surprise From Red Lobster Server

Updated: Tuesday, August 19 2014, 06:25 PM CDT
Reddit user Coppin-it-washin-it’s parents spent every wedding anniversary at a local Red Lobster. When his dad passed away, his sister took his mom out for dinner on their anniversary. Then they got the bill:

We are sorry to hear about your husband’s passing, but we appreciate your loyalty in spending 31 years of your anniversary with us. For your appreciation your meal is on us! We look forward to spending your next anniversary with us?


Red Lobster your server, Taylor

The original Reddit user has not come forward yet but according to the comments on the post, the servers never let on what they were planning on doing.

A spokesperson from Red Lobster confirmed the heartwarming moment happened in a Missouri location. They also said they were truly proud of the Columbia team and hope to see the family again next year.

(Source Reddit/BuzzFeed)
Widow Gets Sweet Surprise From Red Lobster Server

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