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Prayer For Injured Teen Sparks Atheist Outrage

Updated: Friday, August 29 2014, 12:41 PM CDT

The injured player was on the ground being tended to by trainers and coaches. So the Seminole High School football team did what many football
teams do. The teenage boys took a knee, bowed their heads and prayed for
their injured teammate.

But that simple act of compassion and humanity in Sanford, Florida
sparked outrage from the Freedom From Religion Foundation - a group of
perpetually offended atheists from Wisconsin. An FFRF attorney fired off a letter to the superintendent of Seminole
County Public Schools - accusing them of having an adult lead the prayer
for the injured child.

A school district spokesman told me the injured child, who is the son of the team's head coach, has since rejoined the team. "It is our information and understanding that Seminole High School
(is) allowing an adult, a local pastor, to act as a 'volunteer chaplain'
for the football team," FFRF attorney Andrew Seidel wrote.

The attorney said the school cannot "allow a non-school adult access
to the children in its charge, and certainly cannot grant that access to
a pastor seeking to organize prayer for the students.

"The FFRF told the school district to "refrain from having a 'volunteer team chaplain' at Seminole High School.

The school district said the prayer was instigated by students and
denied that a chaplain prayed with the team. School spokesman Mike
Blasewitz told that the school doesn't even have a team chaplain, contrary to the FFRF's allegations.

"There is nothing to cease and desist because our behavior was within
the guidelines in the first place," he told television station WFTV.
"No adults in the photo, no adults participating, no adults leading it."

Seidel told me in a written statement that he's satisfied with the school's response - and they now consider the matter closed.

"FFRF is very pleased with central Florida's new-found commitment to
upholding the First Amendment and protecting the rights of conscience of
all students, not just Christians," he said.

Parents, meanwhile, are a bit perturbed with the atheist bullying. "There are a lot more important issues going on in the world than
worrying about kids praying at a game," parent Andre Collins told

"We live in a country where we're free to do what we
want to do."

Barbara Frase has a grandson on the football team. She could not believe the atheists would call out the kids for praying. "Come on, let's get real," she told

Seminole County is not the first school district targeted by these
rabid atheists - and they won't be the last. But it truly takes a special kind of evil to threaten Americans because they prayed over an injured child.

Heaven help us all.

(Source FOX News-Todd Starnes)

Prayer For Injured Teen Sparks Atheist Outrage

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