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Pizza Delivery Drivers Targeted in Antioch Area Robberies

Updated: Friday, August 29 2014, 05:20 AM CDT

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There are several employment signs for pizza delivery drivers posted outside pizza joints up and down Murfreesboro Pike in the Antioch area, but after a recent string of robberies targeting that profession, it might be a tough sell filling those positions.

In the past three nights three pizza delivery drivers were robbed in the Deerfield Apartment complex.

"One held him at gun point and said give me what you got," said Tony Glover, who lives just a few feet from where the robberies happened.

Glover works at FOX 17 and told us how it all went down. He said someone placed a fake order to his apartment and when pizza guy left he was robbed.

"I believe they ambushed him right here when he was coming out of the apartment and back to his car," Glover said, pointing to the front of his building.

Two more fake orders and two more robberies took place in Glover's apartment building during the next two nights, and that crime spree isn't surprising to people in the pizza business.

"A lot of times it is dangerous," said Marcella Aguilar, owner of Angelo's Picnic Pizza in Antioch.

And though they no longer deliver pizza, Angelo's had an unusual employee prerequisite when they did.

"We had a mandatory meeting where everybody got their gun permits," Aguilar said. "Just because you never know what you're going to encounter."


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Pizza Delivery Drivers Targeted in Antioch Area Robberies

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