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Legal Leaders Remember John Seigenthaler-Roger Susanin

Updated: Sunday, July 13 2014, 09:54 PM CDT

Nashville, TN--John Seigenthaler passed away at his home on Friday at the age of 86.  Seigenthaler's friends tell Fox 17 that his legacy will be a life of service.

During Seigenthaler's lifetime, he used his considerable influence to help certain charities.  One of the is the Room in the Inn.  A shelter that offered food and shelter to homeless families.  He always wanted to lend a hand to people who could use a little help.

Seigenthaler also helped to raise money for the First Amendment Center.  He wanted the institution to teach people about the freedom of speech and press.  To understand the rights for people to petition the government in times of need.  When Seigenthaler died.  The family wanted people to donate money to either the Room in the Inn or the First Amendment Center.

Judge Steven Dozier speaks fondly of John Seigenthaler.  Dozier admits he was nervous before he asked for Seigenthaler's support nearly twenty years ago.  Rob McGuire felt butterflies in his stomach before meeting with Seigenthaler prior to running for District Attorney in May.  Both McGuire and Dozier say within seconds of actually meeting Seigenthaler fear melted into friendship.

Seigenthaler was always the champion for the underdog and what a bigger underdog that those who are sleeping on the street each night.  On Saturday, Seigenthale's visitation is from 3pm to 6pm at the First Amendment Center. 
Legal Leaders Remember John Seigenthaler-Roger Susanin

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