Saving You Money
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SAVING YOU MONEY: Safeguarding Your Money

Updated: Monday, February 3 2014, 09:26 PM CST
 SAVING YOU MONEY:  Safeguarding Your Money

Stacy Case

   Thieves are in the headlines trying to chip away at your hard earned cash at well known retailers and at tax time.  Tonight a look at some empowering steps you can take right now to fight back.
    The breadth of identity theft at Target and Neiman Marcus is staggering as is the rate of tax theft.
  However, you're not powerless. There are four things you can do to decrease your vulnerability.  Let's take ID theft first. When you're at the checkout & the clerk asks for your phone number, email address or zip code.
  Simply say NO! 
   They're entering your personal information in a marketing database.   Then when a hacker cracks the code, they can do more damage with your credit card number if they also have all your other personal information you've willingly volunteered.
   Next up tax theft.  Filing on line can leave you open to hackers, but number two on our list ensures your information stays with you.  Never save your taxes on your computer .  Instead save your work on an encrypted hard drive. 
   Third, don't use public wifi to prepare your taxes.  Sounds like common sense, but you'd be surprised how many people do it.
   Finally,  have your refund direct deposited.  A mailed check could get intercepted and stolen.
  If you're using a tax preparer, check them out thoroughly with the IRS Office of Professional Responsibility.SAVING YOU MONEY: Safeguarding Your Money

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Saving You Money

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