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Saving You Money
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Saving You Money: Prom, Taxes

Updated: Thursday, April 10 2014, 11:28 PM CDT
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Stacy Case

  For the first time in many years, prom spending is down about 14 percent, but families are still spending nearly a thousand dollars for one night.
    You can encourage your teen to save by shopping at consignment stores, taking photos yourself and getting make up done at a department store counter for free!
     It's also a good time for teaching by having your child pay for part of prom.
   Specifically setting up a budget. There's an app for that, "Plan It Prom."

   You may not like tax season, but identity thieves love it.   Last year, the IRS launched almost 15 hundred investigations into tax-related identity theft.
   One of the most popular ways thieves get your info is by calling you and impersonating IRS agents.
  They'll ask you to pay them with a wire transfer or prepaid card.
  The IRS usually reaches out by mail.
      Some tax preparers are also scam artists.  So, be wary of anyone charging a fee that's based on the size of the refund.

   Think you're paying too much for car insurance?  Try getting married.
   Couples split housing and other financial obligations, like groceries or utility bills, and now a new study from says a 20-year-old married woman pays an average of 22-percent less than a 20-year-old single woman.
    It's a similar story for married men versus single men.
    Some experts say people get more serious about being better drivers when they're married making them less of a risk for insurers.  Saving You Money: Prom, Taxes

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Saving You Money

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