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Saving You Money: Identity Theft

Updated: Thursday, May 22 2014, 11:37 PM CDT
Saving You Money: Identity Theft

Stacy Case
  E-bay has asked users to change their passwords, after revealing  hackers busted into a massive database swiping user information.    
    The company said user passwords were encrypted, but hackers can always decrypt them.
    With just an email address or phone number, hackers have a gateway to start other scams that could prompt consumers to reveal more information.
    So when you're encouraged to change a password because of a hack or another major security problem like the recent "heartbleed" bug - don't wait---
    And remember to change that password every six months or sooner.
    Also, avoid passwords that include personal information that's easy to uncover online  like your birthday, a spouse's birthday or an address.
Saving You Money: Identity Theft

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Saving You Money

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