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SAVING YOU MONEY: Hot Buys in January

Updated: Monday, February 3 2014, 09:28 PM CST

SAVING YOU MONEY: Hot Buys In January

Stacy Case


    If you've resolved to get more sleep in 2014, a mattress that's 15 years old could be holding you back.

 For Lindsy McLean of Brentwood, and anyone else who truly
needs a mattress, now is the time to buy. 
January markdowns are 22 to 66 percent off.

  Mattress stores call January
the dead zone.  New models are coming in
February 1st, and they've got to clear out the old models to make way for the

   Mclean says he's fine with last year's mattress model, "I always buy a year old car anyway, so it doesn't matter if it's a brand new state of the art
mattress because you have to think in 2013 they still made pretty good mattresses

   Furniture also falls on
that list of great buys in January 
with markdowns 40 to 50%
off.  Sprintz Furniture orders its 2014 line in October and it's just about to arrive according to Bob Guest, "
It generally takes 3-4
months for new product to come in
It will be on the floor starting in February, so we do need to
have good pricing this month to pass on to customers to make room for the new

   Lots of us resolve to
get in shape in the New Year and
this is an excellent time to get fitness equipment.  You'll find treadmills, ellipticals and
30 to 70 percent off according to Dealnews.

   The other great steal?  Coats and other winter wear.  You just can't beat   50 to 80% markdowns.

SAVING YOU MONEY: Hot Buys in January

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Saving You Money

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