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SAVING YOU MONEY: Holiday Travel

Updated: Friday, November 15 2013, 12:28 AM CST
SAVING YOU MONEY: Holiday Travel & Giving

Stacy Case

For many of you, it's a family tradition to give during the holidays, but check the Better Business Bureau Wise Giving Alliance to make sure you're giving to a legitimate organization especially if you're helping those abroad like in the Philippines.
    Even though donations are drummed up on social media, make sure you thoroughly vet the charity before lending your financial support.
     Good news if you're traveling by car for Thanksgiving, Christmas or Hanukkah!   Your early gift this year?  Gas prices could stay below $3 dollars a gallon.   Why the drop?  An increased supply and cheaper than normal  crude oil from Canada and North Dakota.
If you need a new ride--- or a nearly new one--- used car prices are at a four year low.   The average price of a used car sold for approximately $15,600 in the third quarter.   Experts say used car prices are likely to continue dropping in the coming months due to the large volume of these vehicles sitting on dealer lots.
SAVING YOU MONEY: Holiday Travel

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