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Updated: Tuesday, January 21 2014, 10:51 PM CST
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SAVING YOU MONEY: Credit Trouble

Stacy Case

 I'm Saving You Money by helping you get a handle on your credit.  Whether you're a victim of the Target and Neimen Marcus identity theft or  maybe you're overleveraged.
   There's no time like the present to get it under control.
    First off, many of us don't understand why we're denied credit or given less favorable terms.
  It all comes down to a two digit code which analysts say uses confusing terminology.
   As consumers, if we don't understand the problem, we can't fix our credit.
   The website, breaks it all down for you so you can figure out what you need to clean up.
 Regardless if you're a victim in the Target and Neiman Marcus data breach,  you still need to check your debit and credit accounts often too look for any unusual activity.
   You can do this by requesting three free credit reports a year from the three credit reporting agencies    Here's a link to get you started.
  If you're one of the lucky ones going to the Super Bowl, make sure you're not wasting your money on fake tickets.
   The NFL is working with law enforcement to head off the fakes.
  They say look at the word Super Bowl.  It should be two words, not one.
   And there are other distinct features of real tickets.
  For example, at the bottom of the ticket there is the Super Bowl roman numerals XLVII that's printed with thermacromic ink so when you rub it or when it gets exposed to heat it disappears and then will come back after it's cooled off.
    Also, the hologram on the back of the ticket changes depending on what angle you look at it.
    The NFL says counterfeit quality has improved over the years because of the development of high quality printers.
  A few hundred of these counterfeit tickets are circulated each year and fans are duped for thousands of dollars a piece.
   The Denver Broncos will play the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday, February 2nd right here on Fox 17. SAVING YOU MONEY: Credit Debt

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Saving You Money

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