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SAVING YOU MONEY: Car Dependability

Updated: Thursday, February 13 2014, 10:48 PM CST
 SAVING YOU MONEY:  Car Dependability & Expired Gift Cards

Stacy Case
   In tonight's Saving You Money, new insight into newer cars on the market.
  It's not your imagination, a new report shows some are outright less dependable and could be costing you more in wasted time and repairs
    The vehicle dependability study by JD Power and Associates shows the number of three year old vehicles with problems increased six percent last year.
   It's the first time in 15 years for a marked increase in new car problems
    Those that fared the worst?     BMW'S Mini Brand with drivers reporting 185 problems per 100 vehicles.  Fiat Chrysler's Dodge brand,  followed by Land Rover and Hyundai.
    Lexus on the other hand got high marks for dependability as did Mercedes Benz, GM's Cadillac, Honda's Acura and Buick.

 Here's something we've all encountered, You tuck that gift card in your wallet and forget about it until it expires.
   Even so, Kiplinger's personal finance says you still may be able to use it.
   Susannah Snider with Kiplinger's Personal Finance Magazine says, "The quick thing to do is just flip that card over and find the customer service number on the back and call it. They might actually reload the funds onto the card."
   Kiplinger's has a full list of ten fixes for common mistakes we make with money.
   Here's a link to that report.
SAVING YOU MONEY: Car Dependability

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Saving You Money

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