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Saving You Money: Braces

Updated: Tuesday, July 22 2014, 11:30 PM CDT
Saving You Money: Braces

Stacy Case
Bowling Green, KY

  At Drobocky Orthodontics, it's all about making great smiles, but braces can cost anywhere from  $3 to $7 thousand dollars!   The earlier you start,  the more money you can save.

   Dr. Oles Drobocky says with expanders and different types of braces, orthodontists can start orthopaedic treatment earlier and often avoid costly dramatic treatments like surgery and extractions later.

   In her article for, Cameron Huddleston, says most orthodontist consultations are free and parents should get that first opinion  around age 7.  She explains, "If you have more than one child who needs treatment ask if they're going to provide a discount for treating a couple of kids."

   As with anything you're going to buy, comparison shop.  Different orthodontists charge different things. Huddleston recommends asking about payment plans through your orthodontist because they don't typically charge interest, though a third party provider will, "They might spread out payments over longer period of time for smaller paymetns, but overall you're going to pay more when you factor in interest."

   There are even clinics that provide free braces to children who qualify. The clinic we visited in Bowling Green outfits 12 - 24 children a year with braces at no cost to their families.

   The Smile for a Lifetime Foundation and The Smiles Change Lives organization have orthodontic partners in Kentucky and Tennessee that choose patients in an application process based on income.  Here are links to both organizations.

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Saving You Money

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