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Sweety and Tricia: Two Blind Bovine's Become BFF

Two blind, aging cows were 350 miles apart, distressed and facing a dark future.

What happened next is a love story starring, not cows, but rescuers who worked across international borders for nearly a month to bring the bovines together.

Tricia, at the Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen, N.Y., needed a new partner since her last one Linda died of cancer a year ago. In Lachute, Quebec, the Refuge RR horse rescue saved Sweety from slaughter and put out emails seeking a home.

The Farm Sanctuary said yes. It took a month of red tape, medical tests and a 350-mile trip but the cows met each other on Feb. 5.

They have become bovine friends forever. Sweety is still bumping into things, but Tricia often guides her clear of obstacles.

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