Murder Arrest

Murder Arrest

Weather Alert

Winter-Like Conditions Expected this Weekend

Winter-like conditions will be possible for middle Tennessee this weekend.  A freeze warning is in effect for Friday and Saturday night.  Temperatures will drop to around the freezing mark in Nashville and upper 20s outside the metro area.  Saturday night will be even colder with temperatures dropping as low as the mid-20s outside the metro.  Breezy NW winds will add to the chill.  Bring plants and pets indoors for the weekend and make sure outdoor vegetation is protected as well.In addition to the cold, rain showers along the Cumberland Plateau will change over to light snow overnight. 


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Pepsi MAX & Jeff Gordon Present: "Test Drive 2"

NASCAR FANS you'll love this: Jeff Gordon gets revenge on a journalist who'd been critical of his "Test Drive" commercial. The journalist questioned the authenticity of the prank so Gordon made him a believer...

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