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Excessive heat is expected today with heat index values over 100. Scattered, strong to severe thunderstorms are possible tonight. Damaging winds may reach 60MPH, and we may see quarter-size hail.


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Clarksville Teen Suspended for Fishing Knife on Fox & Friends

UPDATE: The Clarksville teen suspended for having a fishing knife in his car will be allowed to graduate with his class and attend his prom after 30 days at an alternative school. EARLIER REPORT: CLARKSVILLE, Tenn.--David Duren-Sanner, a senior at Northeast High School, is making national headlines after the teen was suspended for ten days because a fishing knife was found in his father's car which he had driven to school. The school was conducting a random lockdown and search of student's cars. Now, David isn't just facing suspension, he could be facing criminal charges. 


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