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Freeze Warning, Cumberland Plateau Advisory

Winter-like conditions will be possible for middle Tennessee this weekend. A freeze warning is in effect for Friday and Saturday night. Temperatures will drop to around the freezing mark in Nashville and upper 20s outside the metro area. Saturday night will be even colder with temperatures dropping as low as the mid-20s outside the metro. Breezy NW winds will add to the chill. In addition to the cold, rain showers along the Cumberland Plateau will change over to light snow overnight.


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Brother’s Way Of Avoiding ‘Kiss Cam’ With His Sister

MINNEAPOLIS, MN " The Boy Scout motto, Always be prepared applies to many situations. When you go to a hockey game with your sister on Valentines Day, you better have a plan. This man named Andrew told the New York Daily News that he would not be caught off-guard on the kiss-cam.

So when the cameras picked them out, he waited....then pulled out a sign that read "My Sister" with an arrow pointing in her direction. The stadium fans started cheering. A YouTube post of the stunt has gone viral. It has been seen over 4million times.



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