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ONLY ON FOX: Nancy Jones remembers her husband

Updated: Thursday, October 17 2013, 02:37 PM CDT
NASHVILLE, Tenn - "I do good during the day. I think he's riding on farm, getting his car washed. I don't do very well at night. It is so sad and so lonesome. We've been together so long. It's hard." While the world is mourning the loss of George Jones the country legend, his wife Nancy is mourning her loving husband of 30 years. "The thing he left for me was always have good in your heart and trust in the good Lord" says Jones. 

Nancy recalls some of their last moments together, doing what he loved most! "He'd say, let's go ridin! We would  just ride around all day long get back home at 1, he reads paper till 2, ride around 3, eat at 4 and then it's movie time! His favorite movie is gonna be Matlock. We have every Matlock ever. I'll never be able to watch matlock again" says Nancy. 

 Nancy says the final few days before George got sick were a gift. "I think that God waved a magic wand and said you are gonna have a good week for five days he was fine." Then suddently on April 18th. Jones health changed. "He started screaming and hollering in so much pain. So we called ambulance and got him to hospital and they couldnt' find what was wrong. Started treating him with antibitoitcs and then he got better and on Sunday he was laughing." 

But just as quickly as he felt better - he got sick again and on Monday April 22nd doctors gave them the bad news. "George said I need to ask you something and the doctor said what and George asked him, am I dying. I went out and cried, came back and the doctor had told him yes and he cried."

George wanted to be taken off everything except pain medication. He wanted to be alert for two very important conversations. "He wanted to see the preacher, so I brought our preacher and he wanted me to himself. We had a good 30 minute talk and told me eveyrthing to do."

Nancy says she is carrying out every single wish, but it's not easy. "We were so close, he never went anywhere without me, not even the road."

She's relying on his fans. "I think the fans are going to be what gets me through this. Because he has a fan base." 

She also finds peace picturing the possum where he is today. "I think that Johnny Cash and Waylon met him at the gate and Johnny said hey little pal what took so long, I thought you would come here before me. They are singing and he is laughing at me every time I cry."ONLY ON FOX: Nancy Jones remembers her husband

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