Son of Timothy Madden Arrested

Son of Timothy Madden Arrested

The Holly Bobo Case

The Holly Bobo Case

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Holly Bobo Case: Jason Autry, Zach Adams State Innocence During Arraignment

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DECATUR COUNTY, Tenn.-- With Holly Bobo's family sitting in the front row, Jason Autry appeared in court today, one day after being charged with aggravated kidnapping and first-degree murder in the purpetration of a felony in the Holly Bobo case. 

During the arraignment hearing, Autry says he was "falsely accused and innocent." He said he "needed time" secure council and wasn't sure if he would be able to do so. 

At one point, Autry cut in during the proceding, complaining about the handcuffs being too tight. "My hands are purple...these cuffs are too tight." He later added, "My hands are numb sir, they've been numb since I left Nashville" 
When asked by the judge if he or his family can hire an attorney, he stated "we're in talks" and believed it would take two months before he could secure an attorney. The judge stated he would bring Autry in on June 4th at 1pm for an update in the process.

As the arraignment came to a close, Autry continued to claim his innocence. "My hand before God, I'm innocent sir." As he was escorted out of the room, Autry smiled towards a person present among those attending, waving two fingers up in an apparent "peace sign." 

Then it was Zachary Adams' turn in front of the judge, facing coercion of a witness charge. His attorney entered a plea of not guilty to the charges. 

Prosecutors at that time stated it would take 60-days to provide information to Adam's attorney as they regard to the case. The judge asked all evidence the prosecution has against Adams be furnished to his attorney within those 60-days. Once the defense receives the discovery material, his attorney will have 60 days to review. The judge also added he "would not touch" anything which has to do with Adams without him present in the court. 

With Adams seemingly not paying attention to what was going on during the arraignment, he called Adams out, asking "is he listening now or do I need to repeat." 

After a thorough explanation to Adams of what was going on, the defense asked for different tiers of motion dates to be set, saying she has at this time received no information from the state, including "the day she disappeared."

Besides scheduling issues, Adams' attorney also pointed out issues with her services. Land which was signed over to Adams from his grandfather and sold in order to retain her services would not cover her full expenses and she noted his family does not have the money to pay for her costs. The judge stated the court will retain her services and pay for expenses which expand past the fees which could be covered by Adams.

Adams' ability to communicate with his attorney and notate his version of events with council were also brought up. "He has not been allowed to have a pencil or paper" since arrest and his attorney asked that she be allowed to share a computer on her expense with the discovery documents on the hard drive to allow him to review material. That detail will be covered during the June 4th appearance.

Like Autry, Adams looked back into the crowd of attendees and nodded before leaving the courtroom. 

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