PokemonGo craze raises concerns for parents as school start nears


PokemonGo is great now, but what about when school starts?

It's the hottest virtual reality app on the planet -- and with more and more students getting smart phones -- and more and more schools allowing them to have them in class -- how will students not play Pokemon Go all the time during school hours?

The cell phone policy at Metro high schools states, students are allowed to have cell phones on school property and can use them in between classes and at lunch -- use of phones in class is generally prohibited.

At Middle and Elementary schools, students can have cell phones on property, however, the use of the technology is at the discretion of the building administrator.

"I live in Georgia, the kids aren't allowed to take their cell phones to school", said Leslie, who's visiting family in Tennessee. "I think if they're at school, they need to be in their backpacks so they can have them on way home, but they don't need to be in school", said, Leslie.

Other parents say they believe students will be distracted at school and want the app maker to allow Pokemon to be everywhere except for sensitive areas like schools, hospitals, police stations etc.

Metro schools start August 3rd.

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