Metro Schools votes to send kids to school on Total Solar Eclipse day


Metro Nashville Public Schools voted Tuesday to send students to school on the day a total solar eclipse will take over the sky.

The partial eclipse will start just before noon before the moon completely blocks out the sun around 1:27 p.m. on Aug. 21. Nashville will be among the areas with a front-row-seat to the eclipse. The moon will cast a shadow smaller than the Earth, meaning only those areas in the shadow will see the eclipse.

Students weren't originally supposed to be in school on Aug. 21, but the board voted on the calendar change. Metro Schools told Fox 17 News it understands that families already had plans and student won't be docked for missing that day. However, the schools do ask that parents let school administration know and soon as possible if a student won't be able to attend on Aug. 21.

Aug. 7 is the first day of school for students.

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