Let Your Kid Know It's OK To Call - 04/09/14

  My oldest child's prom is coming up.  I don't have any concerns about her doing anything she shouldn't at the after-party.  That said, my daughter knows she can call me anytime, from anywhere if something stupid happens or is going on.  I'm her dad when she makes straight A's and does everything right and I'm her dad if she ever makes a mistake. 
  I have always told her and the teens I've been fortunate enough to spend time with as a Sunday school teacher not to compound one mistake with another mistake.  Like underage drinking and getting behind the wheel of a car or getting in the car with someone else who's piling up bad decisions.  You call, I'll come.  That's the deal.
  We'll work on the teachable moments if we need to after I know you're safe.  A lot of kids will be heading to proms over the next month or so. 
  I just want them all to get home safely and eventually come to understand this is nowhere near the best time in your life.  That's down the road.  We just have to make sure they get there.


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PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) -- Oops. An Oregon man says he accidentally sold his girlfriend's cat along with her mattress. Roy Dufek says his girlfriend is moving in with him, so he sold her mattress set while she was at work. A buyer paid a hundred bucks. Apparently the cat was hiding inside the box spring, which had a hole in it. Durek and girlfriend, Hayley Crews, have searched for the missing Camo the cat but without success. They're now offering a $200 reward for Camo. Haley says she's not mad, because her boyfriend didn't know about the hole.


MOUNT VERNON, Wash. (AP) -- This is no school of hard knocks -- it's a school of hard cider. People are learning how to brew their own alcohol-containing cider at Washington State University's extension center in Mount Vernon. In one recent lesson, students mixed a proper blend of pear and apple juices, for an easy-drinking cider. A local paper (Skagit Valley Herald) reports there are also business-oriented classes for hobbyists wanting to get into selling their hard cider.


NORTH HAMPTON, N.H. (AP) -- David Adams wants beer while he drives. Not to drink -- but on his license plates. Adams arranges tours of craft breweries. He's fighting New Hampshire officials to get the vanity tags "BREWBUS", "GROWLER" or "NHBEER". He already has a plate that reads "BEERBUS" on a tour van. He tells the Portsmouth Herald he's not promoting anything illegal and should be able to get the plates. A state senator says legislators will look into the issue at committee meeting next month.


WASHINGTON (AP) -- You might have doubts about farming in the nation's capital. Well, you're right. DC isn't farm country, at least not on the site planned for a massive urban farm. Seems no one bothered to take a close look at the property. It's a dump, and an unlicensed one at that. Officials say there's contaminated waste on the site, everything from rusting oil drums to abandoned shipping containers. It would take an estimated $1 million to clean up, likely killing the project.

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